The company's current products and engineering include:

Sauna equipment, sauna supplies:

Including conventional sauna and sauna equipment, supporting materials, and various special saunas, such as: West Live SAWO "sauna stove, "Dragon Dream TYLO" sauna stove, "Javea (Haliya) HARVIA" dry steamer, Asian American AMAZON, Burmese cedar sauna board, Hemlock sauna board, Abach sauna board, Canadian cedar sauna board, imported European Finnish pine sauna board, light wave room, sauna room, sauna explosion-proof lamp, sauna thermometer, sauna stone , "Carter CALO" steam generator, Smith STEAMIST steam engine, Haweiya HEIRVA wet steamer, wet steam room and other sauna equipment.

Steam bath equipment, steam bath supplies:

Including conventional steam room and steam generating equipment, supporting materials, and various special steam baths, such as: jade room, agate room, crystal bath room, Korean steam room, gem sauna room, fire dragon bath room, gold bath room, silver Foil bath room, yellow mud bath room, charcoal bath room, light wave bath room, etc.

Swimming pool equipment, swimming pool supplies:

Including circulating filtration equipment, heating and temperature equipment, disinfection equipment, swimming pool cleaning equipment, water quality testing equipment, swimming pool lighting equipment, swimming pool escalators, slides, lane lines, lifeguard chairs, and various children's water equipment, such as: water curtain fountain, Duck neck fountain, water mushroom, wave machine, pool sand pool, swimming pool circulation pump, swimming pool disinfection filter, pool water cleaner, etc.

Leisure equipment, wellness equipment, spa equipment:

Including: SPA Jacuzzi, hydromassage bed, Vichy bath, medicated bath machine, capsule, light bath, UV bath, oxygen cabin, SPA room, foot massage chair, massage bed, bath bed, bath tub, pedicure bucket, Beach chairs, beach beds, various pulse massage nozzles, gooseneck impact nozzles, etc.

Swimming pool project, bath project:

Including a variety of indoor and outdoor standard swimming pools, small standard swimming pools and non-standard swimming pools, paddling pools, various special baths, spa pools, such as surf massage pools, ice pools, hot spring pools, ginseng pools, incense and flower pools, bubble pools, eucalyptus pools , health care pool, acupuncture pool, beer pool, milk pool, yellow mud pool, medicine pool, salt bath, vortex pool, tropical rain forest pool, bubble pool, spring pool, fish treatment pool, etc.

Garden engineering, Koi pond filtration project

Including: fountain atomization equipment, fish pond biological sand filtration system engineering, fish pond purification filtration equipment, Japanese fish pond filter tank construction, rockery project, waterscape artificial lake water treatment.